Thursday, November 8, 2007

Notification: You can contribute!


This blog site is now open for all Abah's sons and daughters to join and contribute! :-)

As we all know, Abah has been very supportive and very encouraging for all of us to write; since we were kids. We were always have this assignment, to write short (or even long) essays after we came back from holidays or visiting places. And now, after 30 years; he still encouraging us all to write.

The technology; i.e.: the Internet, email, blogsites & etc., has come to make this even more easier for us to write and more importantly, share. Using this blog is really easy and I urge you, brothers and sisters to give it a try. It is almost like writing on your preferred word processor (i.e.: OpenOffice or Microsoft Office) application.

To start, please send an email to me with the email account that you want to receive my invitation, and you can start writing right after. That's all! It's that easy!

Anyhow, should anyone of you need a face-to-face tutorial, please let me know. I can host a gathering (F&B provided!) at my house, FOC!! :D

All the best and wassalam.

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